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Mark Steele

Mark Steele, the school founder and primary educator, is a Las Vegas native and fourth generation restaurateur. Mark has been living restaurants and hospitality for his entire professional career. He has trained and coached thousands of restaurant professionals over the past decade; conducted trainings for many successful and diverse restaurants in the capital of hospitality, Las Vegas.
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Domintcia Patterson

School Director
Domintcia Patterson graduated from the Culinary Arts program at Long Beach City College and served as a board member of the International Food Service Executives Association. Leveraging an accounting background with experience in the restaurant and education industries, she will serve as Administrator for the Restaurant Hospitality Institute. Highly organized and efficient, her strong business acumen has taken her throughout a diverse range of industries from logistics and property management to assisting directors, deans and CEO’s.
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Jimmy Vigilante

Health Training
Health training provided by JVC Food Safety Specialists
Jimmy Vigilante - REHS/RS
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Techniques of Alcohol Management

TAM Cards of Nevada
Techniques of Alcohol Management of Nevada, or "TAM", are a proud sponsor of Resturant Hostpitality Institute and providers of Nevada's state approved, alcohol awarenes classes for Las Vegas' food & beverage servers. For more information on classes and obtaining your serving card, please visit their website: Visit TAM of Nevada