RHI on Food & Loathing: Brian Howard – Role Model for a Healthy Kitchen

When it comes to eating, we talk a lot about what’s on the plate and implementing sustainable/eco-friendly practices, but not as much attention is paid to the overall health and well-being of the staff. Yet the demands of the restaurant industry can be grueling and tend to take a toll on hospitality workers. Maintaining a healthy work environment and supporting your employees overall physical and mental well-being plays a crucial role into employee satisfaction and retention, resulting in better service levels.

In this episode of the Food & Loathing podcast Brian Howard and John Anthony of Spaghetti on the Wall Hospitality talk about their efforts to make their restaurants safe places for workers. This includes giving people who have had substance abuse issues or have done time in prison a second chance by hiring them through RHI’s training courses and job fairs.

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