This five-hour program will provide extensive education for entry level introduction of hospitality and dining venues. This course will acclimate those who are legally unable to serve alcohol to the exciting world of restaurants.

Students will engage in lectures and live role-playing situations that will prepare them for the high-paced, high-earnings atmosphere of today's top restaurant operations. "Best Practice" technical skills will be focused to train server assistants and front door team members. Sessions are designed to not only teach theoretical concepts, but to demonstrate actual scenarios for success.

This course was created for those under the legal alcohol serving age of 21 to work in restaurants, but open to all ages.
rhi introduction to restaurants

Introduction to restaurants

✔ What is Hospitality
✔ Hospitality Guide
✔ History of Restaurants
✔ Industry Lingo
✔ Verbiage Standards
rhi las vegas service introduction

Front Door Support - Hosts

✔ General Duties
✔ Telephone Protocol
✔ Dining Room Posture
✔ Guest Service Interaction

Service Support - Bussers

✔ How to Clear Tables
✔ Flateware Introduction
✔ Right of Way in a Restaurant
✔ Coffee Service
✔ Mise en Place
✔ Table Maintenance

Safety & Sanitation

✔ Southern Nevada Health District
✔ Keeping a Healthy Restaurant
✔ Front of House Sanitation
✔ Work Area Responsibility
✔ Restaurant Safety Rules
✔ Identifying Hazards
✔ Dish Room Etiquette