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Restaurant Hospitality Institute

Restaurant Hospitality Institute is an academy dedicated to developing students into exceptional hospitality food servers through a detailed education program. RHI will train students the technical and customer service skills necessary to be a successful asset to restaurants at all levels. RHI is the first and only food server institute that has been approved by the State of Nevada’s Postsecondary Education to teach our original and effective curriculum.

This five session program will provide extensive education and training on various aspects of food and beverage service.

RHI has a job link page exclusive for graduates
restaurant hospitality institute graduates
restaurant hospitality institute graduates
restaurant hospitality institute graduates
restaurant hospitality institute graduates
restaurant hospitality institute graduates
restaurant hospitality institute graduates
restaurant hospitality institute graduates
restaurant hospitality institute graduates
restaurant hospitality institute graduates
restaurant hospitality institute graduates


Over a period of 5 weeks, students will engage in lectures and take part in live role playing situations that will prepare them for the high-paced, high-earnings atmosphere of today's top restaurant operations. "Best Practice" techniques of applied service skills combined with a working knowledge of wine, spirits, cuisine, revenue generating skills and local health department requirements will be emphasized. Sessions are designed to not only teach theoretical concepts, but to demonstrate actual scenarios for success.


Accommodating Special Request, Anticipatory Vision - Knowing a Guests' Needs In Advance, Creating the "Wow Factor"

  • Rules of Hospitality
  • What is Service
  • Service Workshop
  • Core Values
  • Go EATS

  • The Art of Service

    Greeting Guests, Order Taking, Table Talk, Proper Serving Techniques, Table Maintenance and Clearing

  • Service Standards
  • Restaurant Etiquette
  • Sequence of Service
  • Attention to Detail
  • Beverage Service
  • Table Maintenance

  • Revenue Generating Techniques

    Suggestive Selling Techniques, Bottle Water Sales, Sharing Appetizers & Sides and Cognitive Beverage Levels

  • Types of Restaurant Sales
  • Restaurant is a Business
  • Confidence in Product Knowledge, Timing & Verbiage
  • Effects of Employee's Income
  • Romancing the Menu

  • Food Knowledge

    Menu Descriptions, Allergens Awareness, Carbohydrates and Proteins [Beef Cuts]

  • Food Glossary
  • Cuts of Meats
  • Ethnic Cuisines
  • Cheeses
  • Mother Sauces

  • Sanitation & Health Codes

    Receiving & Handling, Proper Storage, Holding Temperatures and Cross-Contamination

  • SNHD Regulations (Southern Nevada Health Department)
  • Health and T.A.M. Cards
  • Daily Check Lists and Inspections
  • A Healthy Restaurant

  • Physical Skills

    Table Posture, Opening & Pouring Wine, Clearing/Stacking Multiple Plates and Silverware

  • Public Speaking
  • Carrying Trays
  • Opening Wine

  • Wines of the World

    Wine Regions of the World, Grape Varietals, Fermentation Processes, Food Pairing, Opening Bottles and Proper Stemware

  • Service
  • History
  • Glossary
  • Varietals
  • Tasting

  • Liquor Studies

    Categories of Spirits, Distillation Processes, Bases and Mixtures, Garnishes and Classic Cocktails

  • Education / History on Spirits
  • Cocktails
  • Tastings

  • Other Beverages

    Types of Coffee Beans, Tea Leafs and Origins, Beer Styles and Fermentation Processes, Late Harvest Wines and Ports

  • Sake
  • Beer
  • Teas
  • Coffee

  • RHI Benefits

    Graduate Benefits

    * Exciting Opportunity
    RHI is the first and only Food Server Institute recognized by the State of Nevada and has been approved by the State of Nevada’s Board of Post-Secondary education to conduct business in Nevada.

    * Career Change/Growth
    Whether you are looking for a new career, or would like to further develop your Food Server skill set and customer service skills, RHI will provide comprehensive 5 session educational/training program including, but not limited to: Hospitality; Food, Liquor, and Wine Knowledge; Sanitation and Health Regulations; Restaurant Etiquette; Proper Restaurant Service; Up-Selling; Physical Skills, including Wine Service and Public Speaking.

    * Job Placement
    RHI has an exclusive job link page on website only available for RHI graduates.

    * Commitment
    RHI will provide graduates with support to ensure each graduate is placed at a restaurant venue that is a perfect match for graduate and client alike.

    Client Benefits

    * Quick Turnaround Time
    RHI provides qualified candidates in a timely and efficient manner and eliminates the stress of the hiring process.

    * Reliability
    RHI is dedicated to building a long term, mutually beneficial partnership by providing you exceptional service and the caliber of Food Server talent you desire to grow your business.

    * Personalized approach
    You can count on RHI to grow their candidate pool to tailor to your specific needs. RHI will have your ideal candidates immediately available for you when you need to fill a position.

    * Eliminate Turnover
    Learning about your specific venue, environment, and concept will allow RHI to identify your ideal candidate to ensure it is the right fit for both client and graduate and will eliminate turnover.

    * Confidence
    RHI graduates will have successfully completed an extensive hospitality educational program. Graduates who are hand-picked and placed at your facility have the necessary knowledge, skill set, and customer service background that will allow them to be an asset to your organization to contribute to revenue growth.

    * Time Saver
    Utilizing RHI’s resources will eliminate the grueling recruiting, interview, and selection process from your plate, so you may spend time focusing on business objectives and revenue generating activities.

    * Flexibility
    Opportunity to post your open positions on RHI’s website. RHI graduates will have exclusive access to review/apply for positions.

    The Team

    mark steele las vegas

    Mark Steele

    Mark Steele, the school founder and primary educator, is a Las Vegas native and second generation restaurateur. Mark has been living restaurants and hospitality for his entire professional career. He has trained and coached thousands of restaurant professionals over the past decade; conducted trainings for many successful and diverse restaurants in the capital of hospitality, Las Vegas.
    Full Bio

    Domintcia Patterson

    School Director
    Domintcia Patterson graduated from the Culinary Arts program at Long Beach City College and served as a board member of the International Food Service Executives Association. Leveraging an accounting background with experience in the restaurant and education industries, she will serve as Administrator for the Restaurant Hospitality Institute. Highly organized and efficient, her strong business acumen has taken her throughout a diverse range of industries from logistics and property management to assisting directors, deans and CEO’s.
    jvc health training specialist las vegas

    Jimmy Vigilante

    Health Training
    Health training provided by JVC Food Safety Specialists
    Jimmy Vigilante - REHS/RS
    tam las vegas

    Techniques of Alcohol Management

    TAM Cards of Nevada
    Techniques of Alcohol Management of Nevada, or "TAM", are a proud sponsor of Resturant Hostpitality Institute and providers of Nevada's state approved, alcohol awarenes classes for Las Vegas' food & beverage servers. For more information on classes and obtaining your serving card, please visit their website:

    F&B Skills We Exemplify!

    Food & Beverage Knowledge
    Steps & Points of Service
    Tip Increase & Guest Retention

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    RHI Media

    andrew sea james las vegas

    Hospitality Veteran Helps Servers Turn Their Gig Into a Rewarding Career

    "Las Vegas is a city that eats, sleeps and breathes hospitality. Historically, most of the people who work in our hotels, casinos, bars and restaurants aren’t just doing it as some part-time gig while they go on auditions, rewrite a screenplay or attend college (unless they’re going to UNLV for a degree in hospitality management or some related field). They know they can make a great living doing exactly what they’re doing until the day they retire. So they take their work seriously, providing the city generation after generation of dedicated and talented restaurant employees. That is, until recently. Mark Steele wants to do something about it through his Restaurant Hospitality Institute (RHI)."
    by Al Mancini

    Read the full article at

    andrew sea james las vegas

    Food & Beverage Magazine

    Restaurant Hospitality Institute Introduces Steele Polished Servers

    "National Restaurant Association states restaurants continue to be a driving force behind the nation’s recovery from the great recession. Restaurant industry job growth has outpaced the overall economy for 15 consecutive years and 1.7 million restaurant jobs will be created by 2025. The ongoing battle to balance industry growth with retaining employees is a primary obstacle restaurant hiring managers face. People Report’s research concludes restaurants in the U.S. average a 66% annual employee turnover rate. Mark Steele, a fourth generation food and beverage industrialist, recognized the frustrations and challenges hiring managers have in the hospitality industry to not only identify qualified employees in a booming industry, but to retain these employees. The time, energy, and money invested in a single employee costs a company thousands of dollars; dollars wasted every time an employee exits."

    Read the full article at Food & Beverage Magazine

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    Mark Steele has been an integral part in opening 6 businesses under our company's umbrella. Mark was instrumental in the hiring and training of multiple restaurant staff for our award winning restaurants. Mark understands the critical points in the Hospitality Industry that set businesses apart. While working with some of the world's largest casino resorts, Mark successfully developed, cultivated, and executed Hospitality at its finest inside our venues. Mark is a proven leader that has consistently executed his skill and ability to hire and train some of the country's best Hospitality employees. Mark is an asset to any hospitality organization, as his skill-set in the Industry has been proved at the highest level.

    Jason Cooper, Managing Partner Scotty Browns Restaurant Group

    I have worked with Mark Steele for over 5 years. I have learned quite a lot from him. His attention to detail, high level of expectations and knowledge of the industry, that only comes from experience, has helped get me where I am today. I truly believe his teachings and wisdom would be instrumental to anyone looking to be successful and get ahead in this profession and wish something like this would have been available sooner.

    Kyra Wright Food and Beverage Director, Former Trainee Seattle, WA

    My husband and I own and operate our own business in Wisconsin. We have had the unique opportunity to follow the career of Mark Steele and watch his talent in recruiting and training staff for a number of hospitality properties. His expertise in the industry and skill in preparing staff for new or established venues is evidenced by his many success stories.

    As an employer we know the inherent cost of time and money spent advertising, recruiting, interviewing and training new employees. To have a service like the RHI is invaluable.

    Ron and Carole Last Last Stop Motors, Racine, WI

    I’ve known Mark for over 12 years. During that time, he has demonstrated excellent qualities of professionalism and leadership working with his peers and subordinates.

    I have seen Mark utilize a wide range of skills, most impressively he takes it upon himself to balance a firm leadership role while doing so by example and teaching new employees the “right way” of opening a property. I have always known Mark to adapt very well to different types of personalities and challenges in his encounters with employees and a diverse clientele. I am confident that he will be an asset to any organization and add to the reputation of any, already cutting edge institution.

    David Siegel Vice President, Ticket Sales Los Angeles Dodgers

    Mark Steele’s creative approaches, ideas and guidance has helped me not just survive the last ten years in the industry but I have been able to do very well for myself. He has also given support and assistance in finding good placements at work. He expects you to do your best, for he prepares an individual with everything that is expected of one, to be the very best in the service industry.

    His teaching programs are lively, energetic and interactive making it enjoyable. It is a wonderful way of exploring his teaching and his experiences. I am thankful for the knowledge and self confidence.

    Nishma Chettri, UNLV Former Trainee

    RHI Exclusive Employment For Graduates

    Employers, who are specifically looking for vetted talent to join their culinary operations, have partnered with Restaurant Hospitality Institute for this unique job recruitment opportunity. Graduates of RHI will be given special access to our exclusive and up to date job posting board.

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